Importing Final Cut Pro X XML into Creator

When you've a logged project in Final Cut it can be handy to quickly distribute dailies using Dailies Creator and view them in Dailies Viewer.

Exporting XML from Final Cut Pro X

When you have a project ready to export in FCP, select your event or project and click File > Export XML. Make sure you have your global event or project selected to include all clips in the XML file.

Importing FCPX XML into Dailies Creator

Click File > Import Final Cut Pro X XML and select the XML file you want to import.

Mapping fields

We translate the Final Cut fields as follows:

Final Cut

Drylab Dailies


When you log a scene in FCPX it will show as a shot in Creator. Creator's scene field will be empty


Take will transfer as take number


Camera Angle will be ignored


All take notes in FCPX will transfer as take notes in Creator


Reel will be ignored


The camera letter will appear in Creator as a non-editable field. We currently don't have more specialized support for multi-camera productions.


Keywords in FCPX will transfer as take tags in Creator, which you can then use to filter your takes in Viewer.

Relinking video

Creator will not import clips referenced in an FCPX XML file automatically. To link clips with the imported takes from FCP, simply click the *Import* button, and Creator will link clips and takes based on their filenames.

Note that Creator only supports QuickTime-compatible files, so you might have to transcode e.g. RAW files before importing them.



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