Exporting ALE from Dailies Creator to Avid Media Composer

Dailies Creator 2.5 and newer is able to export ALE files for use by e.g. Avid Media Composer. We recommend using Media Composer 8.4 or above.

Exporting ALE files from Creator

To export an ALE file:

  • Select one or more takes in Creator.
  • Click the File menu, followed by Export ALE for Selected Takes...
  • Choose a name and location, and click Export.

Importing ALE files into Media Composer

To import an ALE file:

  • Right- or control-click the bin you want to import the ALE metadata into.
  • Click Import...
  • Choose the ALE file you just exported from Creator, and click Open.

Configuring Media Composer

Media Composer has multiple different modes for importing ALE files. We recommend using either the Maintain events as logged mode or Merge events with known master clips:

  • Click Settings in Media Composer.
  • Scroll down to Import, and double-click it.
  • Click the Shot Log tab.
  • Select either Maintain events as logged or Merge events with known master clips.

By maintaining events as logged, Media Composer will always add entries for the takes you import. If you choose to merge events, MC will update existing entries with any new metadata based on tape name and start timecode.

Transferring metadata from Set Report to Avid

To transfer metadata collected with Set Report into Media Composer, simply send the metadata from Set Report to Dailies Creator, and export an ALE file from there.


Please note the following:

  • Avid requires a start and (preferably) end timecode for every clip.
  • Therefore, make sure that the clips you import in Creator have TC information.
  • Avid also requires a tape name for all clips to be able to perform merging.
  • Creator will construct the tape name based on a take's filename, with the file extension omitted. For instance the filename "clip_001.mov" will lead to the tape name "clip_001".

Exported fields

Dailies Creator 2.7 and above exports the following fields via ALE:

  • Tape
  • Start
  • End
  • Take
  • Scene
  • Shot
  • Shot Notes
  • Take Notes
  • Circled (1 for takes tagged as circled, 0 otherwise)
  • Tags (except circled)
  • Lens (manufacturer and model separated by space)


If you run into problems with Media Composer, double check the following:

  • Make sure all clips have a start and end timecode.
  • Make sure tape names in MC are based on filenames.
  • Be careful with international (non-ASCII) characters in the data you export from Creator.
  • Try to keep notes short.
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