Using a watch folder in Dailies Creator

Dailies Creator 2.7 and above lets you configure a watch folder. It will automatically import all compatible clips and metadata files placed there. This means that you can automate most Dailies workflows, saving time and making life on set easier.

To set up a watch folder:

  • Click the Production Settings button in Creator (with the gear icon, top right).
  • Click the Watch Folder drop-down followed by Choose...
  • Select the folder you want to watch for changes in. Creator will look in sub-folders as well.
  • Click Open followed by Done.
  • Whenever a new (and compatible) clip or metadata file appears in the folder, Creator will import it.
  • If a file's timestamp changes, Creator will re-import it. In other words, if you e.g. re-transcode a clip, Creator will import it again.

Creator currently supports the following files in watch folders:

Please beware that incompatible clips or metadata files can sometimes trigger a dialog box. You will need to dismiss this before auto-importing can continue.

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