Using Set Report with multiple cameras

If you have more than one shot in your production with the same number or name (but different cameras), Set Report lets you quickly switch between them by tapping the camera letter, like this:

When you add a shot or a take that follows another multi-cam shot or take, Set Report will make the new shot or take multi-cam, too.

New multi-cam shots and takes will copy their values from their predecessor with the same camera letter. In other words shot 2A will copy its values from shot 1A, and shot 2B will copy from 1B.

Please note that Set Report will not copy or co-ordinate information between shots or takes with the same number. This means that you need to enter information such as day or scene on each individual multi-cam shot.

Enabling multi-cam

  • On the top level of your production, add a shot (e.g. numbered 1) by tapping the + button.
  • Set its camera to A by tapping the Camera field.
  • Go back to the top level.
  • Add another shot by tapping +.
  • Change its number to 1 as well.
  • Set its camera to B.
  • On the top of the screen you'll now see two buttons that let you switch between camera A and B.

Adding a new multi-cam shot

  • If your highest-numbered existing shot is multi-cam, just tap the + button on the top level of your production. Set Report will automatically add one new shot for each camera.
  • If your highest-numbered shot is single-cam, see Enabling multi-cam above.


When you tapp the + button to add a take to a multi-cam shot, Set Report will add one equally numbered take for each camera.

Reducing the number of cameras

If you stop using one or more of your cameras, just add a shot as described above. Then go to the top level of your production, and delete the superfluous shot for the camera in question.

For example, let's say you've recorded shot 10 with two cameras (A+B) but shot 11 is single-cam (A only):

  • Go to the top level of your production.
  • Tap + to add a new shot.
  • Go back to the top level.
  • Tap edit (or swipe left) to delete shot 11B.
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