Import clips

Creator uses a watch folder to import transcoded files into a document.

Here's how to set it up:

  • In creator (with an open document) click the gear button in the top middle of the window.
  • Select a watch folder by clicking the _Watch folder_ button.
  • Click the _Done_ button to save your changes.
  • Creator will now start monitoring the folder for new and modified files.

Clip status

Creator will show you the current status for each clip in your document on the lower left side of the window.

  • Orange dot: Metadata for the clip has been imported from Silverstack.
  • Green dot: The clip and its thumbnail have been uploaded to Drylab Server in the cloud.
  • Red dot: There was an error importing the clip. The most likely explanation is that it wasn't compatible with Drylab Viewer (see below).

Clip requirements

All clips must fulfil these criteria:

  • Format: MP4 or MOV
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Audio codec: AAC
  • Bitrate: Less than 10 Mbit/s
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