Import shooting days from Silverstack

Shooting days are very important, since they're one of the primary ways of navigating productions in Drylab Viewer.

Creator can import shooting days from Silverstack in one of two ways:

  1. By default, Creator looks at each clip's Shooting Recording Date, and uses it to construct the shooting day. This often works well, but will create problems when shooting past midnight, or e.g. when working with a second unit.
  2. You can include shooting date and day number in your Silverstack folders. A folder's shooting date and day will apply to all clips within the folder. If there's at least one folder with both a shooting day and date in your Silverstack project, Creator will use this method.

If you shoot past midnight or with a second unit, we recommend using method 2.

Here's how to do it:

  • In Silverstack, always group your clips in a folder based on their shooting day.
  • Each folder that's tied to a shooting day needs a day number and a date in its name.
    • Day numbers either start with "D" or "Day ", followed by a number e.g. "D03", "Day 3", "Day 0003"
    • Dates are in ISO 8601 format, e.g. "2018-06-19" (for June 19th, 2018).
  • Here are examples of folder names that will be imported as shooting days:
    • "Day 1 2018-06-07"
    • "D2 2018-06-08"
    • "*** 2018-06-09 bar D003 foo"
  • For clips that don't belong to a shooting day, place them in a Silverstack folder that doesn't include a day or date in its name.


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