Using tags

You are free to use exactly the tag names you want in the Drylab system. Two tags have a special meaning, though: circled and ignore.


Any take (clip) tagged with circled will be presented by Viewer with an orange border around it. This makes circled takes easy to spot.

If you turn on automatic downloading in Viewer on iPad or iPhone, it will always download circled clips before non-circled ones. If the device is running full and you have enabled automatic deletion, circled clips will be deleted last.

You can also mark a tag as circled by flagging it in Silverstack.


Tag a clip with ignore if you don’t want it to be imported into the Drylab system.

Other tag names

It's up to you (or the production) to choose tags to use. Here are some examples of common ones:

  • blooper
  • boom
  • dialog
  • false
  • MOS
  • print
  • PU (pick-up)
  • stocks
  • tail (for tail slate)
  • timelapse
  • unmarked
  • VFX
  • wild

Adding tags

You can add tags either in Set Report, Silverstack or an app that's able to export metadata to Silverstack.

  • In Set Report: Use the tags field on take level.
  • In Silverstack: Use the custom 3 field, and separate the tags with a comma.
  • In other apps: Make sure tags are exported to Silverstack in such a way that it imports them into the custom 3 field.
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