Multiunit productions

Are you working on a production that's shooting with multiple units, or handing over a production between different teams? Multiunit allows more than one Silverstack library to be uploaded to the same production, and presents one merged view of all units to the Drylab Viewer users on your team.

How to set up Multiunit

Multiunit is a premium feature. If your organisation has partner privileges you will have access to it by default. If not, please email us at for a quote and to enable it per production.

To begin, go to your production on and click the Add... button next to the Units heading:


Enter a name for your new unit (e.g. 2nd). This will be shown in Viewer to enable your team members to tell units apart. Click the Save button to continue. The first time you add a unit, you will be asked to confirm, since it will cause on-set distribution to be disabled for the whole production:


Set up Drylab Creator

The final step is to connect the Drylab Creators in your production (one per Silverstack library) to the correct unit.

Open Drylab Creator on Mac. Create a new or open an existing document.

Click the gear button to change the document's settings:


Choose your production and unit in the Connect to dropdown list. Click _Done_ to save, and confirm that you really intended to attach to this production and unit:


Use Multiunit in Drylab Viewer

Team members using Drylab Viewer (iPad, iPhone or web) will not need to do anything. Each clip's metadata will automatically include the name of the unit it belongs to:


Things to be aware of

  • Multiunit currently doesn't work with on-set distribution. Enabling Multiunit on a production will therefore require all iOS Viewer users to download or stream clips and metadata from the cloud.
  • Each clip (identified by its Silverstack ID) must be unique within your production. In practice this means that you must be careful to not switch your Drylab Creator document between different units.
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