Import metadata from DaVinci Resolve (and other apps) using CSV

Drylab Creator can import rich metadata from DaVinci Resolve, or any other app that’s able to export CSV.

In Resolve

Do this to export metadata from Resolve:

  • Open the project you want to export.
  • Click the File menu, Export Metadata From, and either Media Pool… or Selected Media Pool Clips.
  • Choose a name and location for the metadata file, and click Save.

Important: Drylab Creator and Viewer will always reflect the clips you export metadata for. In other words, always make sure you export the metadata for all clips you want to see, not just e.g. the most recent shooting day.

Resolve produces CSV files with UTF-16 Encoding which Drylab Creator expects, if you modify the file please ensure you keep this format.

In Drylab Creator

Do this to import the metadata into Creator:

  • Open the production (via the File menu) if necessary.
  • Click the File menu, followed by Import DaVinci Resolve CSV…
  • Locate and select the CSV file you exported from Resolve.
  • Click Open.

Creator will import the CSV file, and replace any current metadata with those from Resolve.

Required fields

Creator requires two fields to always have a value:

  • Filename: This is used to attach the metadata to a clip in Creator.
  • Start Frame

Other fields

Drylab also imports the following fields:

  • 2nd Asst
  • Audio Bit Depth
  • Audio Channels
  • Bit Depth
  • Camera #
  • Camera Aperture
  • Camera Assistant
  • Camera Firmware
  • Camera ID
  • Camera Serial #
  • Camera Type
  • Comments
  • Data Level
  • Data Wrangler
  • Date Modified
  • Date Recorded - Must be entered as YYYY-MM-DD (2024-04-01) ISO-8601 Formatted Date.
  • Digital Technician
  • Director
  • DOP
  • Duration TC
  • End Frame
  • End TC
  • Episode #
  • Field Dominance
  • File Name
  • Filter
  • Good Take (This will denote the clip as "Circled", please leave empty for non-circled takes)
  • ISO
  • Keywords (Any keywords will become "Tags")
  • Lens Type
  • Location
  • Reel Number
  • Scene
  • Script Supervisor
  • Shoot Day
  • Shot
  • Sound Mixer
  • Start Frame
  • Start TC
  • Take
  • White Point (Kelvin)
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